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Sensing Place



Sensing Place is an exciting and innovative community heritage venture with a focus on providing digital tools for helping people of all walks of life study their heritage, and sense ‘their’ place.


We believe that heritage is important.

We also believe that heritage has a positive social, economic and cultural role to play in our diverse communities in 21st century Britain. Funded by HEFCE, and the Higher Education Innovation Fund, we bring together a team of heritage professionals and people with a passion for heritage.

Our goal is to build a digital platform to enable people in all corners of the country and from all walks of life to research and publish their heritage, to find out what it is that informs their ‘sense of place’.

Our Sensing Place website is currently in development; it will act both as a platform for pedagogic and didactic materials and toolkits, and will provide a forum and venue for hosting digital heritage projects drawn from a wide range of partners.

Working closely initially with schools in Tower Hamlets, we are seeking to broaden our scope of operations.

Working in partnership with the Edge Foundation we aim additionally to help schools develop creative approaches to learning about tangible and intangible cultural heritage, with the aim of positively impacting upon pupils’ skill sets.

It is not just schools and colleges where we are focusing; our goal is to knit together disparate approaches to community heritage, working from the bottom up, talking to people and trying to understand what they need as opposed to working from the top down.

We draw our inspiration from the work of the social historian Ralph Samuel (1934-1996) and his commitment to ‘history from below’.


We’d like to thank everyone involved.

Edge Foundation

John Scurr Primary School

Morpeth School Sixth Form

Tower Hamlets Education Partnership

Tower Hamlets Local History Library & Archives

Virginia Primary School

William Davis Primary School